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J Buckland

Trewella Farm




TR19 6AA


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Club Chairman: Mr.J Buckland +4401736 360157

Club Secretary: Mrs. B Olds     + 44 01326 340976


Twenty four of us flew to Cork on the plane

Cornwall Club plus our friends all together again

On the bus, to Hotel, drop bags, off we go

To Tony O’Leary who put on quite a show

For, whilst admiring his cattle in the cool setting sun

a calf born, they named ‘Friendship’ her life just begun

The grass was as lush and green as could be

When we met Willie O’ Halloran in Tipperary

His cattle were smart, his company great

We talked of cattle and Hurling as fine food we ate.

The home of ‘The King’ was the next port of call

To see magnificent cows on this farm wall to wall

Hosts, Peter and Marion at the famous Raceview

Would have liked us go home with at least one or two !

Then, all back on the bus ,to the Leeherd we sped

John Finnegan kindly took us to the pub to be fed

After viewing his cattle looking grand in the sun

Fit for Roscommon, hoping good trade would be done

Next day ,to the Carbery herd, in the rain

Seeing impressive young bulls and cows once again

Due to a ‘fencing malfunction’ , a ‘bull fight’ occurred!

But was very soon sorted, peace restored in the herd.

After spectacular lunch, off to Kinsale we went

And toured the Fort,a pleasant afternoon spent

Before moving Hotels, then walking into town

For a beer ,some food and a ‘nosey’ around.

To Bantry next day, the excitement was high

The sun brightly shone in a lovely blue sky

We were all so impressed by the ‘Show by the Bay’

And the standard of animals there on display

A ‘bit of a drama’ took place with a ‘Shout!’

As a calf went berserk ,nearly ‘wiping us out ‘

But, with immediate help of at least six burley chaps

It was restrained and removed ,not too happy perhaps?

Another, was said, took a swim on the tide

Disappearing from view to the land otherside !

Some of our party, what they saw so impressed

That ‘sales’ were arranged, Euro’s to invest

In top quality calves and a bull ,we could see

Would be coming back home ‘cross the Irish sea

After the Show a big party was planned

At the ‘House by the Lake’ so beautifully grand

Gordon Salter and family our brilliant hosts

We saw fields full of cattle of which they could well boast

Then an amazing feast ,with crab claws and the kind

After, a ‘Barbie ’with steak the best you could find

And an abundance of drink in the company of friends

We were loathed to leave , saddened when our trip ends .

The hospitality so warm, the cattle so good

The most beautiful places, the fantastic food

Thanks a Million ,our friends in the Emerald Isle

And a host of new folk met in such a short while

We will treasure the memories on a dark winter night

PLEASE come and see us, it’s just a short flight !

Penny Lally ( Cornwall Simmental Club 2014)